Movement of the Jaguar

For the Art class, I’ve built an art sculpture relating it to my power animal. The purpose of this project was to build a kinetic sculpture that mimics the movement of your power animal and is fueled by any of the natural elements. Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I am proud of the final product because my sculpture can have an object that moves inside. I learned about different artists about the different kinetic sculptures they’ve built.


Name of the Artist: KG

Date of Completion: 11/4/12

Title of the Piece: Movement of the Jaguar

This piece about the movement of my power animal. The Jaguar. The idea of the piece is to demonstrate the pattern of the Jaguar into a kinetic sculpture, including my natural element. Earth. 

The next process of working toward the kinetic sculpture was filling out a blueprint. In this blueprint, we had to explain, in depth, about how our natural element is being used to create movement. It also required us to have a process of how we were going to build our sculpture step-by-step, and a sketch on a separate sheet of paper.

Wood, Hot Glue Gun, Clay, Ruler, Pencil and Paint

In the process, I faced many obstacles with just the start of the project, but they were overcome.  My first idea was to shape plastic tubes into the pattern above, and let the gel balls roll through them. This was NOT going to work  because it would be hard to shape and even get plastic tubes. I then changed my idea to using flimsy wood that can bend and be cut into this specific pattern. Then, I thought it would be a great design and for the wood to stick better. I decided use clay and paint it. Once the wood start to stick on the clay and its’ platform, the rest of the project went well.