Stop Aids

In the following poem, we will be addressing the sixth Millennium Development Goal, which focuses on combating diseases and fighting HIV/AIDS. We chose to focus on the 1st indicator “HIV prevalence among population ages 15-24”, because both of us connected with it the most, and felt we had knowledge on the subject. We retrieved our information from an article called HIV Prevalence Among Pregnant Women Aged 15-24 (Wikigender, by Multiple Sources). We also got information from another article, Trends in HIV prevalence and sexual behavior among young people aged 15–24 years in countries most affected by HIV ( ,by BMJ publishing).


~By LF and MML~

I can’t believe we are still behind

Knowing that we are sitting at home watching TV

Knowing that half of the new HIV cases are among people under 24 years of age

Knowing that some people try their best

Having to think about goals we cannot keep

Knowing that women have a higher chance of HIV contraction because of their

Unequal social status


Too little to be living in fear

Such small voices, if only we could hear

Next time I peer at a mirror

And don’t like what I see

I’ll remember those children, who’d die to look like me.

Who already are

But a cure isn’t so far

I can feel it

To the young souls, so lost, take their hand

Be their guardian angel, protector, their friend

Make them as happy as ever, before the end


HIV prevalence among population ages 15-24

Waiting to hear the good news

Waiting to see the future

Waiting to loose this terrible disease

Trying to fight

Trying to see the light that is on earth with their families

Lies that have been told like

Being able to lower HIV prevalence by 25% in 2010





We’ll find a way to make the disease stay away

It’s around the next bend

And come what may

In bed they’ll lay

Waiting for the doctor to say

That they don’t have to pay

To see a better day