Four our final poem in counterculture we looked at contradicitions. From that came a diverse amount of poem about hypocrits and contradicitions where called out the fakes and phonies. I am proud of my piece and glad I get to end on it. Below you will find by piece which talk about Americans and our contradicition and fale beliefs and ideas that make us hypocrits. Enjoy 🙂


This is America

I am from America land of the brave and home of the free
As for bravery our politicians hide behind podiums and armies
we claim to be free, preach equality
but hold back and oppress those who protest because we do not agree
In america water is no longer free
and I wouldn’t be surprised if they started taxing the air that we breathe

This is America and this is the life we live

Learning to beg instead of work for something
Learning to receive but never give
Drowning in our sorrows instead of striving for our happiness
Learning to stop reaching for goals and settle for this

The life we live in is reckless
Leaving hard workers check less
Breath takers breathless
Dreamers dreamless
Mothers childless
And children fatherless

I don’t know about you but I am tired of this
I am tired of schools that have no money for books
But have brand new metal detectors
The government claims there’s no cash for better schools
But then takes tax dollars to build prisons

Now you tell me who’s the fool

And who do you think they plan to imprison
The poor
The young
The black, Latino
The minority
The men
The life we live in
Where people are just pieces of a puzzle
And we throw away the ones that don’t fit
We call them misfits
Make them ashamed because their different

This is the life we live in
Where we right our wrongs with checks
No apologies no regrets
Just throw a couple dollars
And pay us to forget
Where is the respect

For these problems we blame
music videos, video games, the media, and tv
but they are only replicas of the things we  live and see
happening  in the government and military
Where money and power
Come before ethics and pride
A place where we steal,kill and lie
these are things they teach
this is the foundation of America
Home of the brave
and  Land of the free