For the Great Pretender course, I made an object that mimics the eagle’s gliding movement, I call it, the Gliding Soul. This project was about how animals and natural element are mimicked to create something that runs by force of nature. I went trough a lot of work to figure out what force of nature meant until I created this object my self. I chose an Eagle because it matched the elements, water and heaven, I got from the Ichiing activity. In the final action project, I made blue prints(you can see a picture of it below), to get an idea of how my element, water, can create or mimic a gliding movement. I was proud that the project turned well and I got enough time to finish it. See my blue print and final test on video below.

The Gliding Soul
Water Bottles, Wooden Stick, small hard wires, nail/pin
26”x 18”x 0”

For my final presentation for The great Pretender course, I created my project (Gliding Soul). I called it the Gliding Soul because the eagle glides when it is calm and slow. In this course, I chose an eagle as my power animal and its movement, gliding, and I had to do blue prints in order to build this action project. To do this, I went through a lot steps and lot of collecting materials. The first thing I had to do was a blueprint to get an idea of what I would make. I did two blueprints to makes sure that my idea works properly. On the second blueprint, I was very convinced that it would work; so I started the building process. I collected battles and wooden stick, I also needed small hard wires, and nails/pins to complete this project

I faced a lot problems in building this contraption and I got solutions to the problems. The first troubled process was making holes on the bottles for the plastic tubing but water kept getting out. But I figure something out, that was hot glue next the the plastic tube and the hole of the battle.The water was impossible to get out. The second puzzling part was when I put the wooden sticks together with a nail. It was easier to put it together, but putting the bottles on them was hard then I imagined.

I learned that when the bottle is full, the water go down the water couldn’t go back up. So I did some thinking and figured that it doesn’t have to. I made the wooden stick that the bottles hang to , not flexible. After that I was happy that my artifact work as planned and the gliding movement made me titled it the gliding soul because it makes me happy and curious when I see it.