You went to the International Children’s Film Festival, organized by Facets, the largest festival of films for children in North America.  As a member of the GCE community, you learned a lot.  Now, it’s time to share a bit.

FACETS Film Festival logo

FACETS (2012) International Children’s Film Festival – logo.

At the end of today, one of your film critiques shall be shared as a comment to this post.

Please follow the steps below to share your film critique.

  1. Locate the 2 Film Critiques you have produced: the group & the individual one.
  2. Choose your favorite of the two.
  3. Revise its text, considering that it will be shared with the world (as a suggestion, type it on a google doc to work on it).
  4. Add a intro to the Critique, following the prompts we use for blog posts:  The purpose of this piece was… I am proud of… I learned that…
  5. At least 1 peer and 1 teacher must give you feedback before you post your critique.
  6. Make sure you have your text somewhere else (Google Drive or Offline Doc), in case the Internet fails you before the comment is submitted 😉