Civic Engagement is a four week term at GCE where we form into groups,work together on difficult projects and use the GCE goals through out our project. My group was the gratitude group, which was convenient because I learned a lot more about gratitude. I also learned that no matter the task as long as you have a good group you will be able to get anything done in any amount of time. I’m so proud to be able to show people the hard work we put into the video.

December 6th 2012, was by far the longest day I’ve had this entire term. The day started off as any other day; Our group gather in a room together and began discussing what was still left to be done. We had a lot still left to be done. In my opinion I feel like our group had the most work to be done, we had to use Rotoscope in our micro-documentary. For those who dont know what Rotoscoping is; its a type of live animation where we trace over video footage, frame by frame. This is a tedious project that involves lot of time with the same people and staring at a computer. Our group had decided since we have so much left to do we need to stay late and work. So we stayed until eight, staring at a computer making sure the image traced was perfect and detailed. “When I close my eyes all I see are images I traced.” We all were having this problem especially at the end of the day.

I dont think I would have been able to do this project with any other group of people. Its such a frustrating process and we worked as a team to help each other get through it while having fun and laughing a lot at the same time. I’m glad I got the chance to work with the people in this group. Its sad that this project is coming to the end, even though I wanted to pull my brains out the entire time, I would do this project again if I could have the same group of people. I wonder if I will have to Rotoscope in College? I sure hope not, I learned that I’m not good at drawing straight lines and tracing things, and that I loose concentration so easily. Overall I enjoyed this project, I worked so hard on this video and the hard work payed off and now I will have something I can look back on and be proud that I had the chance to help create it.