For this civic engagement term, I’ve written several journal entries. The purpose of this journal was for us to keep a record of each of our learning experiences and the reflection of the day. I am proud of the notes I’ve taken of each movie we’ve watched at Facets and my overall note taking. I learned the basics of how to write a journal entry. Here is one of my journal entries below.

Monday 11/12/12

Today we went to Facets and took notes of each film. In my notes, I included the title, main characters, director(s), character traits, and more. I liked all of the short films. Most of the films portrayed a message to the audience. In the films there was a boy with a missing leg, an abused boy, a boy whose mom died, and many other depressing predicaments. I’ve learned to appreciate what I have and to look on the brighter side of things because it could be worse.