During the third week of civic engagement my group finalized our video. Below is my reflection of what I learned from December 3rd to December 7th.

December 3: Today I learned how a storyboard is put together and how a stop-motion video is edited (and also how long it takes!).

December 4th: I learned how art contributes to creating a storyboard because art gives you a visual description of the storyboard.

December 5th: I learned that you can’t always depend on one person to bring everything because if they don’t come to school or they forget it at home it sets the whole project back. Our group needed a camera but the two people that had the cameras didn’t come to school, so we delayed the shooting until tomorrow.

December 6th: I learned how to make a lesson plan and also we shot scene two. I learned how little movements play a big part in the production of a stop-motion movie.

December 7th: I learned how my groups stop-motion film turned out and how team work pays off.