For our Civic Engagement term this winter, we are studying film and purpose, well, at least I am. Each student was put into groups according to a word they are to fulfill. My word was purpose. We spent a week visiting Facets MultiMedia viewing award winning films. The next week we spent making our own film. The creation was tedious but rewarding. We were also asked to write a journal entry each day; here’s what I got.

“Today was the first day of filming. I played the chef that baked the wedding cake. We had no idea how hard and frustrating it would be to make a stop motion film. It took us hours just to get a few seconds of footage. It was nice to have a role in the actual video because I’m mostly
scriptwriter. I’ve learned that purpose is only acheived when you care for the work you are doing”

A drawing of mine based on the settings of ‘Up Heartbreak Hill’