This is a post about my Civic Engagement unit, and my post is telling about how i felt about it for this past week. How the mural we painted was going, how our cooperation in the group was going ,and how we managed to finish it in such a short time. From my perspective I think we did very well. We got lots of people to help with the project so everyone can feel like there apart of the project.

My experience in the  accountability group through this week has been exciting because we have been working hard on painting the mural. The documenting of the process is going well so far and we’re trying to be done by Monday. On Tuesday we went on 2 FE in a day and interviewed two people who have experience mural painting and working along the communities. We have been trying to complete the mural both on Wednesday and Thursday and today we successfully finished the mural.
My experience today was good for my first time I felt engaged in  the group.
Painting, listening, and  working together was very fun , and as a group we completed the painting of the mural. After seeing what our group had accomplished these past two days had me satisfied with what we had done. The more people we had to help us the faster we got it done. With everyone’s part to pitch in the painting it will make everyone feel like they’re part of the project.