Our group in civic engagement focused on realizing purpose and demonstrating it in a video. Our video came together after three weeks of hard work yesterday. The film is a stop motion film about a cake topper who has to search for his bride. He goes through many obstacles, but stays persistent in his goal.
The work that was included in this project was very time consuming. We had to take thousands of pictures, and then edit and post them into the video. In stop motion, ten photos equals one second of real time. The video is about two and a half minutes long, so the amount of photos was over 1200. I learned many things about the process of stop motion, music, and sound editing.
My role in the video was to create the music. I also was responsible for editing the audio for the final video. The song I used was a Beethoven piano piece. The photo inserted was drawn as a concept drawing of the cake, by BJK.