Civic Engagement is all about contributing what we learned to others around us. Through this unit, we wanted to create an accessible way for other students around Chicago and the world to understand the values and work ethic behind GCE.We were split into groups of 7, each with a specific value that GCE holds, Autonomy, Accountability, Purpose and Gratitude. Our group has the theme of “Purpose” and we made a film that we think exemplifies what that means.
It is the end of our third week of Civic Engagement, and I feel accomplished.

one of the thousands of photos taken for our stop motion video

After two painstakingly hard weeks of work, we are finally done with our stop motion short film. It was a struggle for all of us, and, because of our different strengths and experiences, it was not always easy to get along. But I feel that once roles were doled out and everyone had an important part to play, we felt so much better and we functioned better as a group. I worked mainly as a photographer and scene director and that was hard in itself. I struggled to keep everyone involved, because I can become a bit of a control freak under stress. In the end, I am so proud of our work and I believe everyone had talents that were shown to their full potential through this film. These past two weeks have been hard, but eye opening and inspiring. Because of them, I know that I can do anything I set my mind to, with any group of people. I am so glad we were given this experience.