Each day for our gratitude group we journal what we did, how we feel about our project and if we may have any worries about the deadlines or any work we don’t understand. I think I’m proud of keeping on track with my journal throughout this project and how much work I have put into the completion of this project. I think me and the rest of my group can very confidently say that we have learned a lot about rotoscoping and the challenges that come with animation.



Today we did a lot of work on B-rolling and rotoscoping for the movie. A LOT of rotoscoping. I’m nervous for the ending of this project since I know we have a lot more work cut out for us than any other group. I knew from the beginning that animation was going to be really hard but I didn’t know it was going to be this hard.

I guess we’ll find out soon the outcome of all of our hard work and how it will look up on the big screen. Even though I am worried I have a pretty good hunch that as a group we can complete it and hey. Wish me luck!