For my Civic Engagement term, we are keeping a journal on how we feel and what we discover and all the good stuff. I am blogging on one journal entry I believe is my best for this week because I believe me and my group used 2 of the characteristics global citizens have which are Accountablility and Purpose. I am really proud of not giving up on rotoscoping and to continue through alll of the long and tedious hours of work we have put into our project. I have learned a lot on how to trace straight lines and curvy object from rotoscoping for so long. Continue reading to find out more. =D

The Longest Day

“I need to get up and move before my brain explodes!” – G.L.

We have been working all day long.=( We Started school at 9 AM doing rotoscope, ate lunch, met with our principal, and then went to YouMedia to work until 8 PM. We only stopped to eat lunch and dinner. We have achieved so much today by working non-stop so, we definitely have shown purpose and accountability. I love working with my group because we work so well yet still find a way to have so much  fun. I think that I am going to work for ever doing rotoscope. The best and most amazing thing we did today though was that we finished our lesson plan and have most of the rotoscoping done. =D I can’t wait for us to see our final product because it is going to look so amazing! I dont want this unit to end though. Because then my group shall be split. =(