This is the third week of the civic engagement unit. In this week my group finalized the video we were making. Below is my reflection the third week.

December 3: Most of the day we edited the scenes for the movie. I spent the day editing scene 1 of the movie. I learned how to edit the photos on photoshop. Editing isn’t always easy, especially when you have over 1,000 photos that have to be edited, but the end process can be rewarding.

December 4: I was very sick today and didn’t go to school. However I emailed my school teacher and she told me what the group did today. The editing team spent the day trying to finish the editing of scene 2 and 3.

December 5: Today I was sick again and didn’t go to school, but I emailed Cecilia( my teacher) and she told me what the group did today. They edited scene 3, worked on the unit lesson plan, production plan, and storyboard, and updated the the calendar and planning for tomorrow.

December 6: Today I helped upload the rest of the scenes to BR’s computer and helped finish shooting scene 2. Shooting scene 2 was fun, but challenging because I was in the scene and had to stay still for most of the time, which was hard. Overall we shoot went well. After scene 2 was finally complete, we put the rest of the movie together and finished it! It was so nice seeing what we had worked on for the last two weeks done. It wasn’t easy at times making this movie, but at the end it all came together.

December 7: Today the workload was very light. We showed our teacher our finished movie and she loved it! The rest of the day was just finishing the workshop and lesson plan for next week. This whole week went by fast. Of the past three weeks to now I am happy of what my group and I have accomplished.