For our final product in the Civic Engagement unit we made a stop motion video which is a cinematographic technique whereby the camera is repeatedly stopped and started, for example to give animated figures the impression of movement. The purpose of this movie was to involve photography and to try something new. It was a difficult process but very worth it in the end. The story is about two plastic figurines on top of a wedding cake who are in love but as the cake is leaving the bakery, the groom falls off. He has to travel a great distance and face challenging obstacles until he can get back to his true love. This experience has been very fun and fulfilling because it took a lot of teamwork and patience. We got to use our creative sides and discover things we didn’t know about ourselves along the way. The group has a lot of disagreements but always came to the same conclusion at the end; we did a really great job. Below is our final movie called Cake.