In our last week of Civic Engagement, we are really trying to do the most we can to give back to our community. We are writing a workshop to present to the people who are coming to our final presentations. The workshop is meant to highlight the purpose that drives all of us in our day to day lives. We finished our movie last week and it was one of the most satisfying moments of my high school career. The movie really is quite beautiful and it involved so much hard work and group cooperation.

Our video demonstrates purpose in the story, the use of purpose to drive your actions, but, more importantly, I think the purpose is shown in the effort it took to make the movie. It took us two weeks of hard work, shooting and editing and reshooting and more editing. With a movie made frame by frame, it can sometimes be hard to see the big picture, and find the inspiration to keep going. But for us, we found a purpose and a way to push ourselves to achieve our goals. I am so proud of the product we have made.