For this Civic Engagement term, the school has been divided into 4 groups of GCE’s values. Purpose, Accountability, Autonomy, and Gratitude. I was chosen to be in the purpose group. In these groups we’ve learned the basics of making a micro-mentary, how to write a letter or email, and how to write a movie critique. Throughout this term, we’ve used resources and experts’ advice on how to improve our story and techniques used for this micro-mentary.

   The purpose of this was to explore and discover those values using media and technology and exploring ways we can share what we’ve learned with others. Our micro-mentary is about 2 minutes and we chose to make this using stop motion. Stop motion is a technique to make a physically manipulated object seem like it moves on its own. The making of this short film took a lot of patience, participation, communication, and time. I am very proud of the final product because it portrayed a message, showed our theme, purpose, and it turned out great. Here’s the video we made below.