For my civic engagement unit, my group and I were assigned to use photography as our main media to make a short film with the theme purpose. So by using stop motion we created a short film. The movie we made was about a cake topper falling off a wedding cake and he goes on an adventure to find his way back to the cake to his bride. The cake topper going on his adventure shows when you have a purpose for doing something don’t let anything or anyone stop you from achieving your goal.

The experience making this film wasn’t always easy. First is was challenging to come up with an idea for the film. After two days of going back and forth with ideas we decided to do the cake idea. Next we had to create the script. I believe that was the most easiest part compared to what was to come in the following weeks. The second week we starting shooting the film. It was fun, but it wasn’t always. Trying to control the lighting, choosing the right angles, and moving the little cake topper step by step was at times tedious. Next after getting over 2,000 photos for the film, we had to edit them! That was also a tedious, but rewarding process. Overall it took three weeks to finish the whole thing. I am very proud and happy of what we have accomplished. Please check out the film below.