During this Civic Engagement course, we have created a Micro-mentary and workshop on the power of gratitude. The purpose of this is to help people learn about the power of gratitude. I am proud of being able to work so hard on two really huge projects in such a small amount of time and get so much of the intended effect from it. I learned what gratitude means to other people and the effect that comes out of gratitude.


GCE Workshop Plan

Process of Making The Micro-Mentary

When we first heard we were making a micro-mentary, we had no idea what we were going to make. This was one month ago. Within one month, we have made a 3 minute movie which is in the form of a documentary. In this one month, we have set up multiple interviews with people who we believe represent gratitude with through what they have done with their lives. We have also gotten a lot of b-roll that fits in with our movie. With parts of the interviews we recorded and with most the b-roll, we did this animation technique called rotoscoping where you retrace almost all of the images in your movie to make the movie look like it was all animated. For 10 seconds of rotoscoping, it takes 30 hours of work. We managed to get this entire movie done this month with 8 people rotoscoping, interviewing, filming, and editing the video.