My first action project for my Counter Culture class was to write a Shout Out poem. Even though it was open to interpretation, the goal of the poem was to reach out to the obscurities of society (basically anybody or anything that is in any way counter culture). My poem, “Call to the Neglected” talks about all the people/things that I believe are neglected in any way or form. I think that the reason I chose to write about such a deep topic is because of how often I think about these things. It made it a lot easier since I had at the very least a small personal connection to each thing that I mentioned (even if it was only wishful thinking). I am very proud of how this poem turned out wince I haven’t written any poetry for a few years and I’m just now coming back into it.


Call To The Neglected

This is for the teen who’s best friend is a tree
and doesn’t hesitate to tell her so
This is for the rocks that can’t sit still
and the folding chairs that don’t have a will

This is for the miscarriage that lives on in our dreams
the children who’d rather live in a library
and the politicians who just want to get out and play

This is for the writers that inspire new ones
and the ones who couldn’t care less
This is for the artists that can’t stop no matter what
and their unknown inspiration

This is for Andrew Bird’s “Masterswarm”
the people in King’s dream
and the homeless man waiting for Godot

This is for the board games gathering dust
the cats that stare you down
and the teddy bear you’d never dream of throwing out

This is for a bed without a home
power without a cause
and a Catholic without religion

This is for the song that needs to be sung
the pills that need to be taken
and the puzzle that needs to be solved

This is for the sidekicks
the defenders
the disputed
and the crazy

This is a call to the neglected