The purpose of our project was to work on and create our own spectrographs in class. A spectrograph is a tool to transfer incoming waves into a frequency spectrum. There are spectrographs for many different waves but our spectrograph specifically transferred electromagnetic waves into a color spectrum. We learned about the sights and sounds in the universe outside of school by going to the Adler Planetarium and playing laser tag. We could apply these to the education in our class by learning about the colors of the spectrum in the universe at the Adler Planetarium. During laser tag, we witnessed first hand the idea of color refraction and how we could apply that to the world around us. I think one of the coolest things I learned throughout the project is that the color you perceive to see is actually the specific color reflecting off that object. For example a red stop sign is absorbing all colors of the spectrum except for red. That is how our eyes pick up the colors of our world. Below is a slide show presentation of the steps we took throughout our project, the materials we used, our final results and an error analysis. Enjoy!