In my fuel class we had to create a cycle that is built off of a natural resource. For example, my natural resource was fuel cells. So I created a cycle on how fuel cells convert chemical energy into electricity. The purpose of this is to show how natural resources can help the world and how it can do it. The part I would have to say I am most proud of is the pictures that are included in the power point. I feel like it expresses the cycle more than words would do. I felt like I learned so much doing this project from how fuels cells work to how they convert chemical energy into electricity.

Tour of my cycle!

1. A fuel cell has been created to mix with a chemical energy.

2. The chemical energy (Duracell battery) is ready to merge with the fuel cell.

3. The fuel cell is put together with the chemical energy to create electricity.

4. As the Cells mix, the oxygen level rises to create ELECTRICITY.

5. Mathematical equation to create electricity.

6. The end product!