For the first project as action in our Math and Science class Light + Sound class, we built a  simple spectrograph.  A spectrograph, in our case, was a cardboard box that helped us refract light and see the full electromagnetic spectrum. Scientists use them often with telescopes to record the spectra. We used the lens of 3-D glasses and 2 razor blades to help us create our own version of this device.

We did this project to help us understand why and how we see light in our universe. We went on a couple field experiences that provided fun examples and showed many different dimensions of the role of light in our universe. The games of laser tag, while mainly fun, also held educational value when we learned about how the science that goes into constructing the guns. The Adler Planetarium pushed me to understand the vastness of our universe and the importance of exploring it to gain more knowledge of what is beyond us. See my presentation below for more information about the project!