For my first Fuel project, we had to find an energy producing natural resource and it’s cycle.  My natural resource is the sun. The purpose of this project was to find out how the natural resources are created. I am proud of the final product that I’ve produced. I learned a lot about the cycle of the solar system. Enjoy my project!

This shows a thermochemical cycle of the solar production of hydrogen. This cycle includes:

(1)The conversion of solar to chemical energy by thermal reduction of manganese (III)oxide to manganese(II) oxide at temperatures below 1900 K,

(2)The production of hydrogen by reacting manganese(II) oxide with sodium hydroxide, and

(3)The separation of manganese oxide from sodium hydroxide by a hydrolysis reaction. The maximum energy efficiency of the cycle was calculated to be 74%. Eventually, the introduction of conventional techniques for particular unit operations yielded efficiencies between 16 and 22%.