The purpose of this assignment was to investigate our textiles to get a better look of our relationship with them.  I learned about what value is, and how value may be more than just money. I am very proud of my aesthetics, I did an old school poster board and I think I did very good job. One thing we had to do for our story board was right a narrative. I chose to do a fictional narrative about a magical scarf.

Narrative: The Story

Once upon there was Disney Store, this was no ordinary Disney store . I stumbled upon it accidentally and have since then not been back. I brought a scarf there, a magic scarf. A scarf that would strangle my enemies at my sarcasm   I hate when people make stuff without asking, especially my scarves.  So one day Samatha Jerkins tried on my scarf,  BAMMMMM! She dropped to the floor, dead. It seemed as though the scarf had a mind of its own, and it didn’t like being thrown around. Or the scarf was a mind reader and didn’t understand my sarcasm, took me literally, and killed her. To this day, the scarf remains. Hidden in the depths of my closet, or warn tightly around my neck. It has strangled no one else, I have made sure of that.

The End.