The first project as action for my Textile Cultures elective was to present the textile that is most important to me in a way where we explain where it came from and what it means to us. I never really thought about where any of the textiles we use in everyday life come from, so it was very interesting to learn about the origin of the different textiles. To see what my favorite textile, where it came from, and how was it made check out my poster that I did, and read my narrative.

My Textile narrative:

In a busy  day walking in that big Al Hamidiyeh market. It is the biggest market in Syria where I feel the whole country would be in. Especially the day we went on it was the day before our holiday, Eid where we get to buy new clothes. For that holiday almost everyone buys from this market so it is super crowded the two weeks before. I bought everything except for a jacket we walked for a whole day to find a  good jacket. I finally go into that small store that had cute jackets. I looked at a gray jacket with some purple and pink writing, “This is what I want” I said. From that moment the relationship with my jacket had started. I traveled the week after the holiday, and that jacket was the last thing I bought from Syria  I wore it going to France then wore it all the way to new jersey and, all the way to Chicago. The jacket started getting smaller on me so my mom keeps telling me that she wants to give it to my little sister, and I keep saying no. I will say no forever because if my sister took this jacket, it is getting ruined.
This jacket is made in Syria  It is made of wool, which comes from sheep. This is my favorite textile because it is the last thing I got from Syria, and Syria is a big part of my life. I would say that in Syria machine wool is the most worn textile there.