The point of this class is for us to have a better understanding of light and sound in the universe. Our first class project was to create a spectrograph. A spectrograph is an instrument that separates an incoming wave into a frequency spectrum. They help us explore the way rainbows are formed and how we view light. To create the spectrograph first we had to cute two holes into a a box, one on the top and one on the bottom, then we cut 3D glasses in half and took both sides of the glasses and taped it over the holes we created before. Then we covered the entire top and bottom of the cereal box with aluminum tape allowing the tape to block the extra light. We then held our cereal box up to a light allowing us to see the rainbows we created.

I never realized how easy a spectrograph is to create, it was very interesting being able to see the rainbow as your held it up to the light. The colors were extremely specific and detailed. I really enjoyed the color spectrum and this whole process in all.