In the Argument course, we created an amendment proposal for the GCE Code of Conduct (CoC). This project helped us increase our knowledge of how proposing amendments works. I had to figure out what is not listed in the GCE CoC and what could be improved. Looking over the GCE harassment Code, I didn’t find the amendment I had in mind, so I thought it should be included. I learned how to use induction in arguments. Below is my amendment proposal.

Look_But_Don__t_Touch_PSD_by_archnophobia (1)

Before: No one, in any circumstances, shall touch someone’s belongings; unless you have permission to. For example, if they ask you to. I have seen and experienced what it feels like when someone is touching my personal stuff without permission. More than that, people need space, and it should stay that way. The first year at G.C.E, I saw a situation that escalated when one person touched someone’s book bag. In the G.C.E code of conduct, it states that , “messages, alert sounds, etc. in a way that might offend or annoy; and, in general, using any aspect of the technology in a way that hurts others] will be considered serious offenses.” That makes me worry of how the argument would turn out. I specifically chose this simple amendment, because it’s not not included in G.C.E Code of conduct.

After: In “After Arab Spring”, John Broadley says that the Islamist have “controlled over everything” and the minority (christian) are not happy that they are not, imagine how they feel about critical statements. “Thousands of Muslims from Marashda and surrounding villages attacked eight Coptic homes and businesses, including five pharmacies, which were looted and torched”, Christian Today, 2012. I couldn’t find a specific article that easily connect to the amendment above. Touching someone’s meaningful stuff is like digging coal in someone’s land and that’s something that offend you.

Why: My argument is simple, you have stuff you don’t want people to see, stuff you don’t find comfortable people seeing. In U.S constitution, it states that “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated….. That is the fourth U.S amendment which makes me think that a person’s possession is not allowed to be touched unless the person agrees. In Egypt’s new constitution, military cannot search people any more to enter at the checkpoints. GCE would be even more safe and secure if this rule was implemented.

Image by Archnophobia,2011.