For our first action project in the class Our Nations argument we had to amend or create a new rule from GCE’S cod of conduct. I think one of the most interesting things I learned through this action project was finding loopholes in the COC and truly understanding our COC. What was challenging for me was connecting my created rule to the Arab Spring revolutions of 2011. Overall I found this an exciting project that challenged me. It especially made me feel like a lawyer for a little! Below is my stated argument and the rule I was creating!



There is no article from GCE’s COC that I would like to amend but much rather I would like to create a new rule. It has come to my attention after recently studying the COC that there are certain punishments being enforced that are not in the COC. In the COC it states, “Unexcused tardies (20 minutes or more late to CLASS) will automatically become a 0 on participation on that class, on that day.” That right there is the ONLY article in the entire COC that addresses punishment for being late to class. There is no other article that discusses tardiness of students before the morning meetings or the disciplinary actions that would ensue after breaking such a law. So in the defense of myself, the students of GCE and the fine faculty that works here I would strongly advise a new rule to be put into the COC immediately. In this rule it simply states, no student or faculty member in this school shall have to follow a rule unstated in the COC or deal with the unlawful disciplinary actions that would ensue from this unstated rule or punishment. I see this as being extremely fair to both students and faculty. I think some students and me personally can say by first hand experience that dealing with cruel and unusual punishment because a rule that never really existed is appalling. Even in our great nations Constitution under the 8th amendment it prohibits, “excessive fines and excessive bail as well as cruel and unusual punishment.” Does scrubbing the kitchen floor and endlessly organizing the art room closet not fall under the category of cruel and unusual punishment? Yes it does! Especially punishment for a rule impossible to break because it does not exist. I thought of GCE as a democracy but how can it be with corruption like this. The belief of democracy is for all of us to be on the same level. We are all equal and must be treated the same. Democracy gives us the opportunity of free speech. The opportunity to speak out against oppression. But how can we do this if when me and my fellow students can not speak against these forced punishments without receiving an even greater punishment. No democracy makes up fake rules or hides certain rules from its citizens. Therefore I demand this rule be set in motion immediately and that all students subjected to dealing with these cruel and unusual punishments be reimbursed by other means deemed fit through an agreement by students and faculty. After this rule is passed I see only positive change in our community. There will be no way for students to be cheated again and I feel that everyone in our school would like that just as much as I would.