In my Nation’s argument class, we studied a series of protests in the Arab Spring the occurred in 2011. We then learned about what induction is. It is looking at information or data and making a conclusion based on the facts given. For our first action project we had to make amendments or changes we would like to see in our school code of conduct. Below is my changes I would make:


“Not what Isn’t”

In the GCE Code of Conduct, it states, that, regarding attendance,”In the event of a tardiness, a student or parent/ guardian must phone 312.643.0991 before 8:45am or email [email protected]”. “In the event of an absence, a student or parent/ guardian must phone 312.643.0991 before 8:45am or email [email protected]”.( GCE Code of Conduct pages 8 and 9) In the fall of 2012 GCE students and parents signed a contract to obey these rules. However in the start of winter 2013 out of no where the faculty of GCE made students do community service if they were tardy and if they were absent, to bring a doctors note explaining their reason for their absence. The faculty is making students obey rules that are not in the code of conduct. Now if they make us follow rules that aren’t in the Code of Conduct that’s not legally right. We agreed to follow what is in the Code of Conduct, NOT what ISN’T. What I propose to fix this problem is suggest two things. First make a rule where if you want to make new rules for the students to follow, it HAS to be written in the Code of Conduct. Therefore the Code of Conduct has to be updated. I would say it has to be updated at the end of each term(for it seems that’s when a new rule keeps being added). Then, just like in the past, the students can sign in agreement to it. Second, if a rule has to be added by the disciplinary council, I believe before making a final decision they should discuss it with the students and get their opinion on it. After all,don’t we live in the United States of America? And isn’t it a democracy country? With a democracy the people have a say on what happens and that being said the students should have a say on the rules. If the disciplinary counsel decides to make my amendment official things at GCE will change, or should I say, go back to the way things used to be. In our U.S.Constitution the preamble clearly says:” We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice…..” That’s exactly how GCE used to be. A school where justice was at its peak. The teachers did not make us follow rules that were not in the Code of Conduct. And that is the way it needs to be again. If the teachers have students follow rules that ARE in the Code of Conduct and NOT what ISN’T, students will have more respect for the teachers and the school as a whole. In conclusion, on January 25, 2011, thousands of Egyptians protested against President Hosni Mubarak because they did not like how they were being treated. They expressed what they did not like and actions were taken to get the issues they wanted resolved. My hope is that by expressing how I feel about GCE’s new `rules’,actions will be taken for a more justified system.