In my English and History class we have been studying Induction through the revolutions known as the Arab Spring. For this Action project I used information that I learned from the American, Egypt, and Tunisian revolution and protest. With what I’ve learned about laws, rules, amendments and results I created my own amendment to my school code of conduct. I learned a lot about the way different types of governments are run and the process that one has to go through to amend, change, recommend, or appeal something. I am proud of the way I was able to break down complex world changing things as well as the language of the constitution into simple rule, case, result terms. I had fun working on this action project as well as seeing the amazing things my peers have came up with. Below is my project enjoy!


I have a problem with the dress code but I know that we have it for a reason. I also realize that it will be very hard to just get rid of it. So I want to take an approach that I read about pertaining to the Arab Spring with the Moroccan government. “The king has been heralded as a great reformer, having been able to offer an alternative path to deeper democracy without inviting outright revolution” (MCMANUS,Allison L. September 2012. ‘Arab Spring’ Moroccan Winter) Similar to the way they decided to slowly move towards a new government, I want to move towards a new and better more efficient dress code. One that not only keeps the school a safe place but also doesn’t hinder self expression. As we are all very unique in every way as a community. I want start by addressing parts of the dress that I believe shouldn’t be included.


4. No gloves, bandanas, head wraps, headphones (unless it was permitted in class by the
instructor) or sunglasses are permitted to be worn during class or GCE group activities. If any of these have to be worn for specific reasons, a written letter supporting such exception should be presented to the DC by the students parent/guardian. NOTE: head garments are allowed as long as eyes are cleared and it does not disrupt the learning environment.

Gloves, bandanas, head wraps, glasses, and any other extra layers are acceptable as long as they follow the guidelines of the dress code of amendment 8.


Case: Recently weather in Chicago has been up and down. The heat hasn’t been working properly in building G. This has resulted in students having to wear more layers including hats, gloves, scarfs, etc.In the book I read the girl had a similiar problem with her school uniform that prohibits students from wearing comfortable clothes that they believed weren’t appropriate for girls.
“She proceeded to shear her school trousers, thus severing all her ties with the educational system and confirming the impossibility of a return to it. She cut them up to her knees so as to stop people from opening their mouths, even though she knew they would anyway.”[SHIMON,Samuel 2010. Beirut 39]


The rule should be changed or omitted from the dress code because it doesn’t make sense for students to have to ask for permission to bundle up or keep warm. Similar to article three section two of the constitution the dean will have full power of judging whether or not the extra layers follow the regulations of then dress code amendment 8.