For my English and history class, I made a podcast about something I believed in, also I showed  my way of defining truth. I learned a lot about making podcast. I mostly proud of my final product that you can check out bellow. 

Money can’t buy happiness speech

I am here to talk about truth and what I believe in. Truth for me means an agreement of knowledge. This agreement always shows the bright side of things. I believe that showing the bright side of things will lead to a happier world. On the one hand, some people think they can change the world with money, by building foundations or institutions. This doesn’t show the bright side of the world because it will lead you to worry about money and how you can increase it and not think of others. On the other hand, I am a creative person who chooses to change the world through creativity. Creativity shows the bright side of the world because it expresses people’s inner goodness.  For this reason I believe that money is never the key of happiness.

Now let me tell you why money is not the key of happiness. I grew up getting everything I asked for and everything I liked. I agree that we buy cool things with money, but I think we could all live with only two pairs of shoes, or two shirts and still be happy. I am sure that we can all live without getting Starbucks everyday, or going to a Bulls game every month, and still be happy. I believe that you and I can live without these things, but we can’t  live a happy life  without our families and friends. One time I saw an Arabic TV show about a poor man living with his seven daughters and a grandson. Their mom left them when they were babies because their dad couldn’t afford things she wanted. The man in this show kept saying that he was the richest person in the entire world. The show told the different experiences  the girls went through each day. When I was watching the show I didn’t understand what he meant when he said he was the richest person in the world, but once the show was over I understood! He meant that he was lucky for being with his seven daughters that took care of him, and all he had to worry about was keeping them warm and safe. From this story I learned that money isn’t the main thing for being happy, if you really think about  it deeply.

Now that I have shown that money isn’t the key of happiness let me explain why creativity is. creativity is about finding what you like from the inside and finding something that you want to do for your friends and family. For example, I like photography, and I think that one photo is worth millions of dollars. Through photography  I can see the world in many different ways because each photo has a special meaning that no other photo ever could.

To close I want to conduct a thought experiment with you. Here are some questions to think about:
What is the part of your life that makes you say “I am the richest person in this world”?
(Pause for 3 seconds)

If money was not the key of happiness how can you define it?
(Pause for 3 seconds)

Now, what did you notice about your answers? were any of your thoughts related to friends and family?
Perhaps now you will start noticing the bright side of the world.