In my Who Am I course, we created a podcast on one of the things we believe in life and how it relates to us and others on a truthful level. The process of creating this podcast was semi-difficult, from typing the script to making sure your voice is heard while recording. The thing that I am most proud of in this podcast is the way I get my point across, by telling past life stories. Below is my podcast, please listen and leave a comment of what you think.

Introduction-Introduce myself
I agree with many popular sayings, for example, “Words can hurt people in many ways” and, “What goes around comes around”. But there is a certain thing that goes down to my heart and helps me think who I truly am, something that is my truth. I believe money can buy happiness. I feel like a lot of people would be against this and I understand where they are coming from. I somewhat agree with them. Money doesn’t make people like or love you, but those are not the only things that make me happy.

What I believe in
I love watching basketball and playing it. Watching it on TV is great but, being there live in person is amazing. I’ve been able to witness history, seeing the Chicago Bulls playing live. It’s just incredible: walking into the stadium, smelling the food, seeing the bright lights on the court. Afterward, all I can think about is how I can experience another game. The second thought is how I can pay for my tickets. That is how I really started thinking about how money buys me happiness.

Story about belief
As I grew up I started to think about what else money actually buys, and I started to come up with a list: food, water, candy bars from the grocery store. I also started to think that these foods gave me happiness. I would make deals with my mom, promising to eat carrots if she would buy a Snickers bar. That feeling was like winning a war. At that time (and now) I could say that I had never thought that I had to depend on money. I always thought the money I received as a kid was not privilege but more of a right.

Did I always believe in this?
I was ten years old when I knew that money had the power to change my opinion and other peoples’ lives. That winter Kanye West had this one song called, “Hey Mama.” The line that I still hear is, “And imma buy you that mansion we couldn’t afford.” At the time the image in my mind was me buying a mansion for my mom. I used to wonder if she would be happy, but what I know of my mom today I could say that she would appreciate the gesture more than the house. Still, if I had the money, I would try to make sure that family members were taken care of.

In conclusion, money is not something to worship, its more of a tool. Money can’t buy memories, but it can buy things that give happiness like, jerseys, basketball tickets, and hats. In my head there are things more important than material objects, but some of those objects truly give happiness.