In my who am I class we created a podcast that tells you what I believe in. In this podcast I talked about how the government is corrupted and how they lie to American citizens. The hardest part about this podcast was recording my voice and making sure that my voice was ok. My favorite part about this podcast was writing the script. The main thing I learned during this project was how to make a podcast and show it to the world. Please listen to my podcast below!

I believe that the United States government is corrupt because they lie to and steal from their own country. I think the government is also racist for example, in December of 2012, there was a white male that went into a school in Newtown Connecticut and started to shoot. He ended up killing 20 kids and 6 adults, the government’s excuse for it was that he had a mental problem, but I bet if a black person did that, they probably would have said that it was gang related. If an Arab person did it, the government probably would have said it was a terrorist attack.
America also puts people in jail for not paying bills or their taxes, but America owes china almost a billion dollars, with that being said the government is corrupt and hypocritical for putting us in jail for things they do themselves. I also believe that the government lied about Osama Bin Laden, because when the government killed Saddam Hussein they showed us his body, but when they supposedly killed Osama, they did not show us his body. It is odd that they would throw his body in the ocean where nobody could find his body. Every time you turn on the news channel you see pointless topics, when everyday in America somebody gets killed. It seems that you have to be important or famous to get noticed in America. I can not really relate to this to my life but I hear about it all the time and it is horrible.
The government is selfish, they only think about our country, our government will actually go to another country and steal oil, because our country needs it. I think the american government needs to make a huge improvement if they want this world to be better. I believe that the government lies to the American citizens too much. I think that if they would just inform American citizens about the things that are happening in America, the citizens of America can start trusting the government. Trusting is important because for me it shows someones real personality. If you tell the truth more than you lie people will trust you more. I also believe the government should try to find a way to get the resources they need without stealing from other countries.
If they would make the effort over time, I think that we could make peace with other countries, and eventually there will be no war, but it’s all up to the American government, and this I believe.