For our Action Project to in our Fuel class, we had to create a model car that was powered by a rubber band. I learned that is it very hard to find a material to make an axle, and trying to make one out of a potato. For a  field experience, we visited UIC motor sports and Grossinger car dealership. They were very helpful with lots of good suggestions. One thing they talked about was weight distribution: more weight in the back makes the car less likely to tip over. I kept that in mind while making my car.

Evaluation Form:

1. Did you succeed in creating a rubber band car that traveled 3 meters within the track?  If so, how far did it travel?

Yes, my car went exactly 3 meters.

2. Did you negotiate any material trades with other cars? How did that process work for you?

No, I had all the materials I needed.

3. Did you decide to revise your original design or request additional materials while in the construction phase? 
I started with a frame for the car made out of a milk carton but it was too flimsy. I switched to a recyclable plastic water bottle.

4. If you could have had access to materials that were different than those provided, what would you have requested?                          

 I felt that I had all the materials necessary.

5. Do you think that engineers have to adapt their original plans during the construction of systems or products? 

Yes, because sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan them , so you have to change accordingly. 

6. If you had to do it all over again, how would your design plan change?  

   I would have made a balloon car instead of a rubber band car because balloon cars go faster.

7. What designs did your other classmates do that you would have liked to do?

I really liked the balloon car idea a couple of my classmates had, I would like to try that.