The action project for my who am I course was about about my favorite memory. My favorite memory was about when I got my first got black ops 2. What I learned was was that if you go deep into your memory you can tell a story about it.



My favorite memory was when I first bought my Black Ops 2 video game.I was there standing in line for 4 hours. My friends and I were very cold. It was snowing very hard that day. We took tests to see what we knew about the game to win prizes. When my team took the quiz we came in second place. We didn’t get the t-shirts, but we got badges and some guy said, “I’ll give you 10 dollars if you sell it to me.” I agreed so we traded items. Game Stop employees passed out pizza and chips just in case we all got hungry. Everyone ate everything. With  two hours left, before the launch,  and everyone was waiting inside Game Stop it was over two hundred people waiting in line. I was like 20th in line and my friend was right behind me.

With one hour left untill midnight, everyone and everyone had to wait outside because it was store policy. It was snowing hard and no one was giving up their place to go home. When they finally let us in to pick up the game we were in different tiers. I was in tier 5 and some of my friends were in tier 7 and 3. Some of them went  before me. When I finally got in there, I saw people walking out with the Veteran Package which gave them more new content for the game. My (mom) said she would buy it for me it, even though it 50$ extra. When I got my game I walked home as fast as I can so I played it both times, it was two o’clock in the morning. When I got home I was so tired I went straight to bed.

When I woke up the next day at nine o’clock in the morning it was Sunday morning . I went straight for my game and I played it from dawn till dusk . I was stuck to the controller like white on rice. I always played with my favorite Green camouflage controller. I also liked the color of the gun I had it was a light blue color. I used it in the game all the time. My little (brother), Trevon Taylor, always used the gold, diamond -encrusted camouflage on his weapon. At the time we were eating watermelon. We loved the taste in our mouth. We ate the whole melon.

I worked very hard. I had to do a month’s worth of chores to save enough just to get the game. I washed clothes and I cooked I  love to cook food. I’m always hungry -I eat two people combined. I am a really competitive person; I love to go against hundreds of people online.
The best thing I like’s about the game was playing live online.
Every game mode I either came in first second or third. One more thing I did Did with the games was take care of it. A lot of people don’t even put their games back in the case half the times so it gets dirty and does not work.