In my Who Am I class, I created an essay that explains when I went to a Bulls game and Fist bumped the Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah. The process of creating this essay was pretty easy for me because I remember this day like it was yesterday. I am very proud of the details that I have in my piece because I feel like it really makes you feel that your on the court with me and Joakim Noah. I have learned so much about myself completing this essay. I never knew I was so passionate about the Bulls. Please view my script and podcast below.



Who Am I?


My Time Machine


I remember that ounce I was leaving a Ping-Pong game to meet with my destiny. I remember getting into the car and riding to Lily’s house to get sharpies for autographs. LF and I pulled up to the United Center and I couldn’t even think what to do because I was so excited. Once we picked up the Sharpies from her house we went to a burrito place and got our pregame meal, which turned out to be pretty good. As we were on the way to the burrito place, I was thinking about what I would say to the Chicago Bulls players if I would be able to meet them. Once we ate the burritos we were on our way to the stadium. I remember that Lily’s mom dropped us off in front so we could get a head start to the autographs and she made sure of it.


As we were walking into the United Center, I could hear the beeping sounds of tickets being scanned to enter. I remember walking to my gate and getting my free game card. We then walked through the curtains and down to the stands to get to the entry where the Chicago Bulls players walk on and off the court. Once we got to our place to get our autographs, my heart just started going crazy, not knowing who would be going to come out of the tunnel. But you won’t even believe who came out first. It was Joakim Noah. I remember Joakim started running from the tunnel on to the court and signing autographs, but once he got to us, he stopped. I was worried. Why did Joakim stop autographing things? Then I heard, “Joakim will be sighing more autographs once he is done with practice.”


As I was staring at Joakim Noah, more players came out, Marco Belinelli and Jimmy Butler. I remember getting autographs from both of them. I was sweating like a football player in the Super Bowl because I was so nervous to talk to them. Finally my time had come. Joakim was done with practice and signing autographs and I couldn’t wait. My heart was beating rapidly, my breath was getting louder and louder. He walks up to the people next to us and signed their autograph… then he left.  We did not get an autograph, and I couldn’t believe it.


As the game went on, I couldn’t stop thinking about my chances of giving him a high five. I wanted to make sure that by the end of this game, Joakim Noah would go to his locker knowing that he saw me in the crowd. I wanted to be one of those kids around the tunnel waiting for a pound.  I guess I got this love for the Bulls from my dad. I believe Jung’s concept of collective unconscious is a part of my life because if it wasn’t for my dad passing down all of his memories about Michael Jordan, I wouldn’t be so passionate.


So we were in the last quarter and the Bulls had a good lead on the Oklahoma City Thunder, and I remember the crowd was starting to head out because the game was practically over and Luol Deng was at the free throw line. It was quite. I knew that it was my time. I stood up from my seat and screamed, “LET’S GO JOE!!!” I will never forget. He turned around, smiled and waved at me. I couldn’t believe it, my plan worked. But I was hungry for more. Like my grandma said in her previous interview about her memories, she never stopped trying to get what she truly wanted in life. I truly wanted to fist pump Joakim. And that’s what I did. Lily and I ran as fast as we could down to the tunnel from our seat and we just made it in time. I will always remember, he walked up to me. Looked at me. And pounded my fist.