For our fuel class, our unite project was to make a rubber band car made out of recycled items. The purpose of this was to help us learn about energy efficiency. Our Fuel class too a FE to Grossinger, a car dealership in Chicago, to ask the workers questions about fuel efficiency. During this process, I learned aerodynamics and how it actually helps a car to be efficient and move faster. I’m proud of how my car turned out. It went pretty fast, and I somewhat like how it looks.

1. Did you succeed in creating a rubber band car that traveled 3 meters within the track?  If so, how far did it travel?

5 meters.

2. Did you negotiate any material trades with other cars? How did that process work for you?

No, I had my own ideas.

3. Did you decide to revise your original design or request additional materials while in the construction phase? 

I changed my plan along the way, but I used all the given materials.

4. If you could have had access to materials that were different than those provided, what would you have requested?                          

I had all the necessary materials.

5.. Do you think that engineers have to adapt their original plans during the construction of systems or products? 

Yes they do.

6. If you had to do it all over again, how would your design plan change?  

I wouldn’t. I liked my design.

7. What designs did your other classmates do that you would have liked to do?

I loved my idea and wouldn’t do anything differently.


Here is my slideshow.