IMG_2463In my Hurricane Season course we discussed that an unnatural disaster is something that is contrary to course of life. We then had to find an unnatural disaster and explain the effect it has had in our community. I decided to speak about drugs and the influence drugs have had on youth in my community. I interviewed three people who have been directly affected by drugs. All three interviewees had different relationships with this topic, so it was interesting how all testimonies blended together so well. After documenting the testimonies I then created a video. I enjoyed doing this project; I myself have been directly effected by drug use. I’m glad I had the chance to share these stories with the world. I hope people will watch my video and see the pain and damage drugs have cause to people in my community. Overall this project was a hard, this is a sensitive topic for me and by doing this project I felt like I was facing a fear of mine speaking about this topic. Along with the emotional part of this project being difficult I had technical trouble trying to put it all together. This project was difficult but im glad I got the chance to adress this problem hopefully people will watch this and learn more about the problem.

The Truth Behind Youth Drug Abuse from GF on Vimeo.