For my fuel class, I was assigned the task of creating a rubberband (kinetic energy) powered car in order to show how people create cars that can move using less energy. I learned how to make a motor for a car using only a rubberband and some tape. I am proud of being able to make a car that had actually moved. To create this car we took many steps. First in class, we watched Youtube videos of other rubberband cars in action to get an idea of what we had to create. Then we drew blueprints for our cars to have a visual goal as we worked to create our cars. My initial blueprint did not work at all. We then built our cars based off of our blueprints (but I re-invented the drawing board). We then tested our cars and made calculations to relate to our cars and the ways they move. We went on an FE to UIC to speak with their motorsports team. The way they helped my project is that they showed me that the design, weight, and displacement of weight are extremely important in the creation of a successful car. Look at the slideshow below to see the work I have created!