STEM Pict 173
“HP working on a spectrograph, 2013”

Light and Sound is an integrated math and science course that helps students hear and see the language of the universe by applying the fundamental equation of C= F* λ.

The course will be broken down into the following 3 units:
Speed of light (C): Introduction to light properties, spectrum, rainbow physics and applying principles by building a spectrograph.
Frequency (F): Examining the physics of a frequency and operation of a signal from a radio.
Waves in space time (λ.): Investigating waves in space time using sun dials.

For each of these 3 units there are three types of study:
INTERNAL: investigating primary and secondary sources.
EXTERNAL: evaluating and research supporting sources through real life connections.
ACTION: applying knowledge, skills and values to a project.

The presentation below shows previous work from students during the L&S course: