In my Argument class, we had to do an action project about a case in Germany. What was the case? In 1871 Germany started to take over colonies in Africa. This resulted in War World 1. Why did they do this? Well this is how they could of reasoned: All rich European countries have African colonies.Germany should be a rich European country.
Therefore, Germany needs African colonies. For our action project each student had to represent a country and defend whether or not colonization was bad or good. I had to defend the most hated country, Germany. Below is my argument explaining why Germany had the right to colonize:

1. General Rule
2. Particular Case
3. Result
4. Quotations & Evidence for Trial

1. General Rule (Some say…)

Rule: Colonization is always bad.
Case: Germany is a colonizer.
Result: Therefore, German colonization must be bad.

However, this deduction is invalid because German colonization brought a lot of good, which, we argue, outweighs the harm.

2. Particular Case (The evidence suggests…)

East Africa has benefitted from German colonization in many, unique ways:

1. German scientists cured diseases which African natives were formerly defenseless against (framboesia, syphilis, sleeping sickness, rinderpest);
2. German doctors and builders offered medical care to and built hospitals for native Africans;
3.German engineering modernized villages into towns and trained workers for labor;
4.Germany demonstrated great concern for the spiritual welfare of Africans;
5.German military protected Africans from attack by other tribes and European nations.

3. Result (We argue…)

Therefore, in light of these results, we, the representatives of Germany and its people, urge the judges to AFFIRM THE DEDUCTION ON TRIAL AND UPHOLD GERMANY’S RIGHT TO COLONIZE, for Africa’s sake.

Rule: Colonization can be a force for good.
Case: Germany has many positive accomplishments as a colonizer.
Result: Therefore, Germany’s colonization is a force for good.

4. Quotations & Evidence for Trial (Sorted by…)

– E.A. Forbes (who was he? citation?):
●”I have closely observed the Germans in their intercourse […] to all appearances the Germans are less liable to give way to irritation and excitement than other white men […] On the whole, considering how new colonial work is to the German nation, they have every reason to be proud of what they are doing in their East African Protectorate.”
●From United Empire, an English magazine (from the book German Colonization Past, Present, and Future by Heinrich Schree)
●“Wherever the German may be, the schoolmaster is abroad. With the missionaries, the colonial Governments have developed education to quite an astonishing extent.”

United States
– President Theodore Roosevelt:
●”These are first class men these Germans. They are doing work in East Africa, a work of worth to the whole world.” (from the book German Colonization Past, Present, and Future by Heinrich Schree)
– The Rev. Cornelius Patton (American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mission)
●“Africa cannot afford to lose the help of the German societies which were established in various parts of the continent before the war. The German missions in […] East Africa were being blessed of God in signal way. They were making a unique contribution to Africa’s evangelization and civilization.” Africa Conference, New York City, November 1917 (150, 153)

– King Leopold on giving Congolese natives salt for nourishment:
●“…the native is titled to nothing. What is given is merely gratuity” Present Conditions in the Congo (1911) p. 106. [‘Other imperial powers were worse’]

●The book, Light for John Bull on the Moroccan Question, by Charles Rosher(1911), talks about the brutal treatment of the Moroccans (106) (from the book German Colonization Past, Present, and Future by Heinrich Schree) [‘Other imperial powers were worse’]