photo (18)In my Light and Sound course we learned about frequencies and how sound travels. While doing this we created a radio. The goal of this of this activity was to create a radio that was efficient, credible and related to the country that we got assigned. The radio relates back to the course because by doing this, we can understand how radios played a part in other countries. Societies use radio for all means of communication. Radio was technically the first source of national communication.We also can now understand the frequencies from AM to FM.

To experience the true effects of AM to FM we had the chance to visit WBBM and WLUW.  Visiting this place helped us a gain a great deal in understanding radios. One of the more interesting parts of visiting radio stations is realizing that each and every employee must know the math and science of AM and FM. This has enhanced my knowledge but learning the time management and math skills needed to work in radio! There are many other sources around the world, but radios are still used for all means of communication.

Our experience assembling this radio kit was interesting. At first we thought we had a good idea of how to create this radio, but we soon realized that we had matched the resistors with the wrong terminals. We then found our mistakes and corrected the problem. This was a difficult project to create, and in the end it did not work due to faulty radio kits. Overall it was a great learning experience .