This project is for my Who Am I course. The purpose of this project is to create a guiding question about something we have had doubt on. In this project I decided to type a essay about my guiding question which is “if life is a test how do you pass?” With this project I hope to learn other people’s opinion about my guiding question. The thing I had trouble with was writing my essay, because I ran out of things to say when I was at my 300th word and I still had to write 200 more. You can read my essay below and try to answer my question.

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My guiding question is “if life is a test how do you pass?” I think this is a good question because it really makes you think. It is also a very open ended question so anyone can answer it, it is not set for a specific age, religion, or type of person.

I came to this conclusion because it is a question that I have thought about a lot, even when I was younger. At first, my guiding question was “is life just a test set by a higher being?” After getting feedback on my question, I decided it was not a good question, because if you do not believe in an afterlife or a higher being then you might not be able to answer the question. So I finally decided on this question because it is open ended and anyone can answer it. Also, this is a question that can not be answered easily. This question is one that you have to think a lot about and still there may never be an answer to this question.

This question is important to me because it is something I have thought of a lot as a kid. I always wondered if anyone felt the same as I do about the question, or if anyone ever thought about it. As a kid I also wondered that if life was a test, am I passing or failing? Also, what are the questions that are on this test of life? So I chose this question because it always created more and more questions that I may never have the answers to. So I am curious of what other people think about this question. The most important reason this question is pertinent to me, is because this question has made me think so much about life, and if there even is an afterlife or a heaven. Also it made me think of how were humans created? Where do we go when we die? So this question has been in my mind for as long as I could remember.

This question does not reflect on a specific time and place, because it is a really open question. This question could have been thought of or asked by anyone because a lot of people have told me the key to get into heaven is goodness; so in a way life is kind of a test to see if you are good enough to have an afterlife, or go to heaven.

The risk of my question is that if you live your life like it is a test, you may be trying to set a specific personality for yourself. You could just be missing out on the good things in life, such as happiness, joy, and love. There is also the risk that life is not a test and there is no afterlife, that means you were living your life like it was a test for no reason. So there is a risk to my question, but it depends on how you choose to act.