Title: OM

Method: Screen-printing on cotton






For my Unit 2 ‘Textiles’ class, our project was the creation of our own textile, exhibiting a deep personal meaning and story.

The story behind the pattern that I chose to replicate has a great and special significance with me: When I was traveling around the island of Bali, this symbol was quick to present itself multiple times. It is the symbol “OM” and in the Hindu culture, which is one of the major religions in Bali, it is said that the sound OM was the first sound heard in the universe. Form that one sound, came every natural thing that exists. The symbol represents a big part of my travels, and my favorite religion.

During the creation process, the colors were a large because, as we learned, each different color has its own meaning and each symbolize a different thing. For example, the colors I chose for my final pattern are gold, green, blue, and purple. I chose purple and gold, because they both represent power, royalty, and spiritual purity, which are all big factors in the Hindu creation story my pattern was based on.

The steps to creating my pattern were very hands on. During this process, there was a lot of planning and thinking to be done. To help us understand the importance of textiles and the way they have been used throughout time, our teacher introduced different patterns from different cultures. We also spoke briefly about the noun project, which is a ‘quest’ to create a universal language for everyone to understand.

Finally, after choosing my pattern, layout, and colors I was able to start the printing process. I prepared my screen, traced my pattern with drawing fluid, put screen filler over that, and once the drawing fluid was washed away, I tested my screen. I am very proud of what it looks like, and I’m excited for everyone to enjoy my work.