For our English/History class (A Nations Argument) we worked on making an amendment,  specifically, something we wanted to change in our school.  This was one of my favorite, yet difficult, assignments because we had to think of something wrong in our school and provide a solution.  If you want to see what I did, read below!

If you are late the amount of time you are late is added to a tally, once the tally reaches fifteen minutes, you owe fifteen minutes of community service and must pay it back in one week.  For example. if you are five minutes late on monday, you don’t owe any time, but if you are ten minutes late the next day, your tally has reached fifteen minutes and you have one week from (in this case) tuesday to pay back your time (fifteen minutes in this case). see my full report here!

I was just one piece in the puzzle for this Action Project.  My whole group also produced amendments and then we voted on which ones we would like to go in our own GCE constitution.  You can see our compiled constitution below!  My argument didn’t make it in our final constitution because an amendment like mine was more popular.  I think the reason the other amendment was picked over mine is that it had more leeway, and allowed students to be less accountable.