For our third unit in Argument, we learned about abduction, and at the same time the Haitian revolution. Learning about this revolution was very interesting, and one of the craziest things that I learned was that the revolution was the only successful slave revolt to end in the founding of a free state. To conclude this unit, we went to a Haitian restaurant and created a student written constitution. Here is a link to it…

Here is the full version of my amendment.

Result – Antsy/active students who need to blow off steam have no opportunities to during the day. GCE used to have lunch time to go the gym and play basketball/mess around when the gym was empty. This fun aspect of GCE disappeared for some reason and now is seemingly impossible to resurrect. If we are able to go the gym half-way through the lunch period on non-FE days when our plates are clean it will bring many benefits to the school. The cleanup process will go quicker, as the majority of kids will already have cleaned their plates in order to go the gym. It will also be a fun relaxation time for kids who are stuck in classrooms all day.

Rule – 1 of the 2 teachers must be available for the last half of lunch to let kids go to the gym. Unless if the privilege is lost due to bad behavior or lack of clean up, 1 teacher suffices to handle the remaining lunch duty. The other teacher (must be agreed upon in advance to not waste the small amount of time we already have) will take whoever is ready to go, half way through the lunch period on Mon,Wed, and Fridays.

Outcome – Kids get to blow off steam without disturbing lunch eaters. Some kids definitely need a time and place to run around and it is unreasonable that the privilege has just disappeared since basketball season came around. Greater student focus and a quicker cleanup will be the result of guaranteed gym time.