For this project, we staged a trial to decide if Germany had the right to colonize in Africa. I, along with GL, played the part of Liberia, a country made up of freed American slaves. Below is our argument for the trial. In the end, the judges decided to vote in favor of the African countries, denying Germany the right to colonize. I am very happy about this decision, though my country probably didn’t care either way.

Map of Africa 1900


Rule: The German government should not interfere with independent state of Liberia. We have no say in what they do with the other, un-defined parts of the continent.

Case: Liberia is a country uniquely created for freed slaves. We are starting our country over from scratch. Although we don’t agree with German people taking over a country that is not rightfully theirs, we are not at liberty to tell them what they can and cannot do. We are just starting out as a  country and we want to have the freedom to thrive.

Result: If the German government leaves us (Liberia) alone, we have no problem with what they do to the rest of Africa. We are just trying to get back on our feet. We understand that this can be frustrating for those who wish for the Germans to not colonize, but we don’t have the resources or the organization to take a staunch opinion on either side. We hope this can be understood.