For the Nation’s Argument course, we created our own GCE amendment to make the school system more fairly and healthy. We proposed our own amendments and presented to the group so they could vote whether it passed or failed. The voting was held on a Haitian restaurant because the country was the nation had trouble in building a constitution and has probably has the most amendments. We had fair votes on which amendments to pass and my was one of the 9 out of 12 amendments that passed. I had to find a problem that the school has and provide a solution. Below is my proposal and the constitution GCE Junior/senior class made.

Abduction in Action: 

Result: The majority Students who are currently attending GCE are experiencing and facing tough time getting permission slip for understandable excuse and complicating student and teacher relationships in some way. This particular problem corrupts the class and the school system because both student and teachers misunderstands the situation.

I propose that there is an easy way for both students and teacher in creating a happy, better and healthy GCE learning environment.

Rule: GCE created Code Of Conduct (CoC) that made the school system for both fun and good learning Experiences. In life known to man, there has always been things to improve and things to improve more. My amendment or proposal are methods that can support existed codes.
One is to create a permission or late class excuse that makes things easier and for the sake of time, to avoid any misunderstandings between teacher and student. Two is to install alarm clock for every class duration to avoid the situation in the first place. There can even more solutions for this problem, I hope in the future it could be upgraded.

Case: With this new method, a huge problem would be eliminated and avoided. The outcome for both students and teachers would be a great opportunity for us to create a trusting and healthy community. A new system that allows students to not be late or accused for tardiness. A systems that allows students and teacher to understand each other. For people who are running late, have copies ready to sign in the instead of wasting useful time.

Hurricane Season crew, Hurricane Season, GCE, Chicago Illinois, 2013.